We Are Alpha Collections

Alpha Collections brings together over 50 years of debt collection and related expertise, skill and experience, all tasked to recover debts owed to out clients as quickly and easily, with the least hassle, as possible.

To start using our service is very simple:- Complete the form on the top-right of our home page, tick the required boxes confirming your agreement to our terms and conditions, consent to us contacting your debtor and specify how you want us to deal with them. Then leave the rest to us.  We will contact you if we need anything further or if we have any results to report.

Our service is a No Win, No Fee service, so if we're not successful in recovering your debt, it costs you nothing. We're confident our service works, so what do you have to lose?


What we also bring to the Party

Whilst our initial and most widely used service is very simple, where things do start to get complex we'll be ready to assist you. 

We have a comprehensive range of additional services ranging from High Court actions to international seek and search.  Importantly with our experience, we also know when and how best to deploy these for our clint's benefit. 

To find out more about these have a look at our services page, which will provide a quick overview of some of the services available.


Our Goals Working with You

Ultimately our goal is to get your debt paid with as little hassle as possible.  We're quick and efficient and fast on our feet so we want to make what can be a gruelling process a simple and easy one for you.

We work on one-off projects as well as with reegular clients who need help with their collections.  If your businesss could use a helpful partner, or you have a particularly tricky debt matter, contact us to discuss how we can assist you.


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