We have 50+ years of experience of debt recovery from both private individuals and businesses or other organisation types. Each entity type has their own idiosyncracies and the less knowledgable can waste loads of time and money trying to navigate these. With Alpha Collections you can rely on us to work out the best way to approach collection whatever the context and level of complexity thrown at us.

Collection of Personal Debt

Collecting debts from private individuals can be both straightforward and procedural where the debtor's situation is clear, and the debt is basically agreed. You can easily start this process with us by completeing the form on our homepage. On the other hand private debt collection can be very challenging particularly where the debtor is purposely obfuscating and masking or hiding their assets.  This can include situations such as failure to keep up payments on a car, or where a spouse in a divorce case moves and hides assets to reduce their apparant assets in the eyes of the court.

Where the situation is straightforward we can use a barrage of procedures and court actions to recover the debt.  These can include actions in the courts, sending in bailiffs, bankruptcy proceedings and attachment of earnnings.  In trickier situations where the debtor is trying to be clever to hide themselves or assets we have specialist track and trace services focussed on both the assets and the person.

Business Debt Collection Actions

We are very experienced with business debt recovery, and as for personal debt we can start a recovery process for your business by completing and submitting our homepage form.  Very often this will be successful in recovering unpaid debt, but where it is necessary we have a range of tried and testing procedures and techniques which most oftem will result in the recovery of your funds.  Often this can be achieved without resorting to the courts, but we are ready to do that as well should it become necessary.

Sometimes the line between personal and business can be blurred, particularly when the debtor or their agents are purposely trying to avoid paying what they owe. With our huge experience in these matters we will still be able to help, even when we may have to trace people overseas.

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