What you need to know before taking recovery action against individual and business


Debt recovery is never an easy task. Even for the big firm with the potent legal department, it is not that easy. Therefore in this content, we have come up with some vital points that you must be aware of before taking any recovery action against business or individual.

Information is vital

Debt Recovery

Having detailed information about the debtor like how much owed is essential for the effective debt recovery process. By cross-checking the invoices, you can easily track for how long payment hasn't made. Further from this, you can adjust interest attributed from late invoices. Therefore detailed information about the key figures like credit controller or financial director also put you in the best position in the term reaching out to them and ending to an agreement before commencing any legal action.  Accumulating the debtors' information put the creditor on the strong position, especially when the debtor decides to raise a dispute. Many times, creditors lost debt recovery cases because of the lack of information.

How can you speed up the debt recovery process?

Analyse your available options

When you want to recover debt from the company or an individual, you need to access the right steps for efficient recovery. You need to determine if the debtors are fully aware of your terms and conditions? Or have you gone through an arrangement with the debtor to preserve your trading relationship?

If you have sent a letter before action to the debtor, but you haven't got any satisfying response, then you need to jump into the legal process. This is a formal process; therefore, the debtor will have to pay the debt along with interest within two weeks.

Even if the debtor doesn't release the payment on the demand, then the debt is not disputed, they are deemed insolvent.  In this case, there might be other creditors to chasing your debtor for the payment, and then commencing winding-up proceedings against the company or bankruptcy proceedings against an individual would be beneficial. This step will make you stand in the front of the queue for payment.

Use of the law on the late payment

Specialist Debt Collection Firm

For invoices that the creditor claims the compensation, interest, and reasonable costs of collecting the debts where these exceed the settlement are not paid on time. If you have a clause related to the late payment interest in your terms and conditions, you must charge interest in line with the already stated amount.

Outsource this task to the specialist debt collection firm

If you want to reduce your debt recovery cost, then outsourcing the debt recovery process can be a practical move. It will stop you from spending money on overheads like employing extra staff for chasing payment. But when you use When payment becomes overdue, it becomes essential to act quickly for the debt collection. The more time it takes for the debt to recover, the more intense the recovery process will become. But in the world of business, you need to move really fast and sometimes 24 hours aren't enough to deal with everything.

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