Our primary service and intent is to recover debt for our clients without having to resort to court action, and there are a number of mechanisms and techniques at our disposal, which we have tried and tested over many years, which we know usually get the job done.  Our initial service starts by firing a first shot across a debtor's bow from a professional collection agency, which more often than not is successful in acquiring the sought after payment. Where these methods don't get a result we would then resort to our extensive armoury of additional methods and options, which can include Statutory Demands, Bankruptcy and Winding-up Petitions, and sending the Bailiffs in, to name a few.

Together these methods are usually successful, but ultimately if payment is still not received we can sue your debtor and obtain a court judgment. This will affect the credit rating of the debtor and the ability for them to operate as normal, whether a private individual or a business. Our very experienced legal team will be able to constuct and prosecute your case, and also deal with any pre or post-judgement activities required, such as asset search and seizure, personal tracing, attachment of earnings and more.  You can have confidence of positive results from our very experienced and talented team of professionals.

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