As a professional debt collection agency with over 50+ years of accumulated experience, we have developed an array of quality, tried and tested services, which we can deploy successfully to collect what you are owed. Below are some of the principal services available, but are by no means all.


We are very experienced with recovery of debt from both private individuals and businesses or other organisation types. You can rely on us to work out the best way to approach collection whatever the context and level of complexity thrown at us.

Sometimes the line between personal and business can be blurred, particularly when the debtor or their agents are purposely trying to avoid paying what they owe. With our huge experience in these matters we will still be able to help, even when we may have to trace people overseas.


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If payment is not received we can sue your debtor and obtain a court judgment. This will also affect the credit rating of the debtor and the ability for them to operate. Usually before resorting to court action and the extra costs that can sometimes apply, we will try a range of other methods which we have worked out from experience usually achieve success in collection of your debt.  This website and our initial shot across the debtor's bow with our letters containing the implied threats of imminent court action, is just one example of the methods we can deploy which are often quite successful.

Ultimately however, should we need to go to court our highly experienced in-house legal team will be able to move the process forward to obtain a judgement in law, which then provides for even more options.

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If the debt is not paid a bailiff maybe instructed to seize the debtor's property.

A Bailiff is a court enforcement officer, but they also have other duties as well as debt collection. Usually bailiffs will be associated with a specific court, such as a high court, county court or magistrates court, and they can be used to deliver notices of judgements and other documents, as well as to seize assets and even arrest individuals when required to enforce the will of the court.

We will often seek Bailiff appointments to enforce collection judgements, but potentially for other processes as well.

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Depending on the amount of the debt, the type of debtor, and importantly, the nature and goals of the creditor towards the specific debtor concerned, there are other avenues in our armory that can be deployed readily which may not necessarily require court action. These can include bankrupting an individual or the submission of a winding-up petition of the debtor company. As with court proceedings, often the threat of an impending action to start bankruptcy or winding-up proceedings can be enough to persuade the debtor to make good.  Either of these actions will adversly affect credit ratings and taint the business or individuals concerned for potentially several years, so most debtors will choose to avoid these options and pay the debt.

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Where a debt has not been paid and it appears the only form of recovery may be to seize the debtor's assets, should these be not readily locatable then we can deply our Asset Search and Trace service.

Whether purposely obfuscated or not, sometimes finding assets sufficient to cover a debt can be tricky to find. We have experience of finding hidden assets both in the UK and overseas, and including when these may have been sequestered by individuals across the corporate veil.

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There are multiple statutory methods we can deploy against a debtor, and once a judgement is received can include regular collections from the debtor's pay packet.

Statutory Demands are a form of demand available to any creditor and backed up in UK statute law. They can be served on either idividuals or companies and there are precribed forms for the purpose.  Usually they will require payment within 21 days, and this is used as a precursor to filing bankruptcy or winding-up proceedings.

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